Thank You

Special thanks to…

…everyone who has been praying for our mission team.  We are counting down until Saturday!  Please continue to keep us and the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers.

…everyone who has donated items for the people of Haiti (and those who will be donating items later this week).  We spent the afternoon at Edenton Street UMC loading up all of the donations we’ve received thus far!

…Edenton UMC.  Thank you for letting us use your space to get ready for our upcoming trip.  And a big, huge THANK YOU to the prayer team for providing us dinner and praying over us.  It was a wonderful, peaceful, centering, and humbling experience, and we are so grateful for it.  (An extra thanks to the singer, pianist, and, of course, the adorable dancers–you all did a wonderful job!)

…all of you for following us on this blog!  I’ve added an email subscription in the right hand column, so if you’d like, you can be notified via email every time we update the blog.  It’s a great feature for those of you with smart phones.

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!  We look forward to connecting with you soon.


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