The team woke up with the sun this morning.  We rolled out of bed around 6am to get ready for Church at Blanchard at 7am.  The Church was packed; every row was filled except for the last two which the ushers had left open for us.  While few of us could understand the words of the songs and sermon, the passion and joy could be openly felt by all of us.  When we were invited to take communion, Pastor Luke, to ease our anxieties, made sure to say that the bread and grape juice “were safe”.  The use of the word “safe” in this context stuck with many people on the team throughout the day, and we thought about what it means to be “safe” when following such a dangerous and good God. Does our God promise safety? What does safe mean to our Lord? Are we searching for physical or spiritual safety?

After Church and a brief rest period at our guest house, we met up with Jacqui Labrom and went to the Hotel Oloffson to relax and enjoy each others’ company.  After, Jacqui drove us through Port-au-Prince and the neighboring areas on a Gingerbread House Tour of some of the historic homes from the 1800s.  The tour ended when we reached Croix de Bouquet, a small village that specializes in metal artwork.  We were able to see the oil drums that the artwork is created out of, and part of the sixteen step process that the artisans go through to make these beautiful pieces of art.

During the devotion tonight, we reflected on all the sights we had seen today.  People talked about the hospitality we saw from the people during Church, and the struggle experienced when children put their hands in our van windows asking for money.  Our adventures in Haiti are only beginning, and we are excited for all of the new experiences that will come with tomorrow.

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  1. Kathryn McElveen says:

    Hi–I just heard from a friend that Lisa and the team are in Haiti. I’m wondering about your itinerary this week. My husband, Rimes McElveen, is in Fondwa with a Family Health Ministries group. Any chance you all are headed that way?

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